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Spectacular high mountain tours in the Alps

High up in the eternal ice

In Val Senales/Schnalstal, you can go high up and into the middle of the eternal ice. Our mountain hotel in South Tyrol is the perfect base camp for those who want to stray off the beaten tourist path and experience new adventures. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert mountaineer to experience the glacier, which is constantly changing.

From our hotel in Val Senales/Schnalstal, the chair lift takes you in only ten minutes to the starting point of the flat and safe circular path leads through the fascinating snowy landscape.In summer, when the snow melts, the effects of climate change are visible on the Val Senales/Schnalstal glacier. Like all other ice and snow giants, the Val Senales/Schnalstal glacier also suffers from the rising temperatures. In order to prevent a further decline, the Val Senales/Schnalstal glacier is protected from the sun exposure with a layer of fleece in particularly exposed areas. On this high mountain tour in the Alps, which is also ideal for families, you can witness the melting process.

Overcoming borders, conquering new peaks

Alternatively, you can descend to the glacial lake, where the water flows into the Adriatic Sea. From here, you can reach the long-distance archaeological path, which leads from the Austrian mountaineering village of Vent to Maso Corto/Kurzras. Every year, a very special event takes place along this path: transhumance, which has been included by UNESCO in the list of cultural heritage sites. Over a thousand sheep are herded across the glacier to the valley pastures in Ötztal.

On an active holiday in South Tyrol, you can cross borders on one of the many high mountain tours in the Alps; for example, on the panorama ridge of the “Grey Wall” or the Ötzi Glacier Tour. You only need 10 minutes to climb a three-thousand-metre mountain from our hotel directly on the slopes in South Tyrol – provided you are sure-footed and free of vertigo. A secured but exposed path takes you to the Grawandspitze, where you can enjoy a sensational view of the surrounding mountains.

Did you know ...
... that by the end of this century, glaciers could melt down to a few snowfields if we don’t change our habits?