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Your mountain hotel in Italy

Glacier Hotel Grawand: 10 things that will surprise you

The Glacier Hotel Grawand is not just any mountain hotel in Italy. Lying at 3,212 metres above the sea level, it’s not only a stunning mountain hotel, but also a real glacier house! Aside from the unique location and panoramic views, numerous outdoor activities and interesting surprises are waiting for you at the highest hotel in Europe. We are also very close to the discovery site of Ötzi, the Iceman.

High, higher, Grawand

The Glacier Hotel Grawand is a mountain hotel in Italy. Lying at a staggering 3,212 metres above sea level, it’s the highest hotel in the Alps and in Europe. If you are looking for a superlative holiday, you are definitely right on the Schnalstals Glacier in South Tyrol. 

The mountain hotel Grawand in winter
Free view on the mountain peaks

Why watch the mountain peaks from below, if you can be right in the middle of all of them? If you stay at the mountain hotel Grawand in South Tyrol, you are right at the doorstep of 126 3,000-metre mountains, mightily and awe-inspiringly arranged around our glacier hotel. Once you have enjoyed our mountain cinema, you will never forget it. 

Grawand: Skiing holiday at the highest hotel in Europe
Wonders of nature

High above the valleys and towns, nature is still pure and unspoiled. Sometimes rough and raw, sometimes harmonious and calm. At the Grawand hotel in the mountains, you can immerse yourself in nature and benefit from its power. Fresh mountain air included! 

Grawand: Glacier hotel in the mountains
Right next to the slopes

Our ski hotel in Italy is located right at the start of the skiing slopes: What a lucky strike! Our glacier hotel isn’t even located at just any slope, but at the highest point of the Schnalstal Valley skiing region, which offers ski runs for all levels – from beginner to expert – and even a professional ski training center. 

Grawand: Your ski hotel in Italy
At the height of variety

Not only do the glacier skiing slopes start right at the doorstep of our ski hotel. We are also a top destination for cross-country skiing in Italy, as well as winter hiking. The glacier zone is best explored with an experienced mountain guide – our reception team is happy to provide you with information.

At the height of variety
Where Ötzi the Iceman lived

It’s true! Not far from our mountain hotel, the glacier mummy Ötzi was discovered. To honor it, a viewing platform was installed on the Grawand peak, at just a few metres from our house. This platform, called the Iceman Ötzi Peak, as well as its discovery site, are just two of the magical places that remind us of the Iceman. 

Iceman Ötzi Peak near the highest hotel in the Alps
Visiting the city of Meran

Who says that a hotel in the mountains only has to offer mountain peaks? Once arrived in the valley via cable car, you are just a 40 minutes’ drive away from the spa town of Meran. In under an hour, you pass from high alpine territory right into the urban and Mediterranean side of South Tyrol and its vibrant cities. 

Grawand: mountain hotel in Italy near Meran
Culinary pleasures

The alpine region that surrounds our mountain hotel is full of naturally delicious ingredients. In our kitchen, we use them to prepare dishes from the South Tyrolean cuisine, all your favourite dishes from the typical Italian cuisine, as well as some international specialties. Enjoy them with our half-board service. 

South Tyrolean cuisine at the Grawand Glacier Hotel
Sweating in the snow

Being active on the glacier makes you tired. Luckily, our ski hotel is equipped with a small wellness area, which will get you going again. You can choose between Europe’s highest Finnish sauna, a steam bath, and an infrared sauna. 

Wellness at the highest hotel in Europe
Floatingly mobile

3,212 metres, that sounds pretty out of the way. But our glacier hotel in Schnalstal Valley is located right at the glacier cable car station, just a few minutes’ floating ride away from the valley. Arrival and departure via cable car are included, just as a two-way ticket per day. 

Cable car to the Grawand mountain hotel in Italy


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