Mind and Body Thrill

Good to Know at 3,212 m a.s.l.

A holiday stay at an high altitude is a stimulating changeover for your body.

Our athletes use altitude training for oxygen enrichment of their blood, but this requires endurance and patience.

Especially if you are traveling from the lowlands into the mountains on a long trip, you should start your holiday off slow, because the body has to adapt to the difference in elevation. Allow for the necessary time.

The altitude can lead to slight dizziness and headaches early on. This usually subsides by itself after a few hours when the body has adjusted.

During the first night, some people at our hotel complain – as in other high alpine refuges also – about increased insomnia. Experienced mountaineers already know this, and usually have some good reading along ...


  • Persons with high blood pressure should consult a physician prior to arrival.
  • The sauna should be skipped on the first day after a long trip to your destination.

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